Thank you to everyone who donated either in person or online. Our Pure Country Diaper Drive-By was a huge success! We hope to see you next year!

In the month of December, Pure Country 91.7 will broadcast live on location at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre parking lot with staff and volunteers from the Pregnancy Care Centre & Infant Food Bank to collect diapers and wipes. Just drive on up to the Pure Country tent and drop off your donation.

Can’t make our dates? No problem! You can drop off your diaper donation to our Centre at 1032 Lasalle Blvd. Monday to Thursday between 10am and 3pm and let us know it’s for the diaper drive OR, click below to donate (when our fundraiser is live) and the money will go directly to purchasing diapers.

History of the Diaper Drive-By (as told by Coop from Pure Country)

The Beginning:

In 2018, it was nearing winter & we saw that the Pregnancy Care Centre was looking for donations, and were in need of some assistance from the public. We proposed the idea, “Why don’t we try a diaper drive with our listeners for the Centre?” So we did! And we proudly collected about 60 cases in year # 1!

The next year, we figured we’d do it again, and we collected about 200 cases, after setting a goal of 100! We even created a Diaper CASTLE at the radio station! That year, we actually had a flatbed transport truck arrive at our Downtown studio location with a huge donation!

In year # 3, we entered the uncertainties of COVID, and were unable to collect donations at the radio station. In a random conversation between Coop & his MOM, she actually suggested, “Why don’t you do a diaper drive-by in a parking lot instead? That way people can just come to you & drop off their donations safely that way!” Genius. That was year # 1 in the New Sudbury Centre parking lot, and we collected 400 cases that year.

Year # 4: New Sudbury Centre parking lot again, and the concept grew even more, as we collected 700 cases!

Year # 5: New Sudbury Centre parking lot again, and we partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart! We collected just over 1,000 cases!

This event/initiative has become a STAPLE for many in our community around Christmas time, and we are honoured to help bring awareness (& lots of donations lol) to the amazing work the Pregnancy Care Centre does!

Each year, we aim to make this bigger & better! Staff get excited about it, and it’s so rewarding seeing the community support!